Please don't stop saying that you're blessed.

Over the past twenty-four hours, I've seen six links to this post on Facebook, and I've got to say that I couldn't disagree more.

A Home In Boston - Love at First Sight

The pilot announced that we were beginning our final descent, and I felt a small panic rise somewhere deep inside. Just a week earlier, my husband had accepted a position at a scientific start-up company that was headquartered right on the seashore. I mean, the view out of his office window was of the ocean, and seagulls regularly made their home on his window ledge.

Longing for Lent

Is that odd? Does one usually look forward to Lent?

To be honest, it wasn't even all that long ago that I learned of Lent. It was college, I suppose. I don't really remember ever hearing about it or learning about it in my childhood, despite the fact that I was born and raised in the Christian church.

And even since I've known about it, I've paid it very little attention. So it's odd to me to be thinking of it so much this year. 

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Ruby Turns Seven!

I've avoided this post all day long, kid. If I write it, then it will definitely be true:

We've just celebrated your seventh birthday.

I can't believe it. 

You're a first-grader. Completely capable of taking care of most of your own day-to-day needs. If I really needed you to, you could probably get yourself all the way to school without a single bit of help from me. Of course, you're nowhere near being able to walk *anywhere* on your own, so I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer to sleep in all 7 days of the week. :)

The Best Intentions

She'll be seven in six days. She still watches My Little Pony, plays with baby dolls, giggles when her brother does the Captain Underpants Dance, and hopes she'll get to go to Chuck E. Cheese for her birthday. She's just a regular little girl.

Except she's not. She thinks and feels as deeply as any adult I've ever met. She questions the status quo and isn't likely to take no for an answer. She's able to draw conclusions about abstract ideas that are hard for kids twice her age to consider.