God's People

I needed to be with the church this morning more than I've needed to be with her in a long, long, long time.

I'm facing a challenge that is bigger than me. So much bigger than me that I've cried myself to sleep the past two nights, and tonight's not shaping up to be any different.

I needed to be surrounded by other people who are leaning on God, depending on Him, and trusting Him with the details of their lives.

Happy 8th Birthday, Ruby!


Today, on your eighth birthday, I find myself uncharacteristically at a loss for words. It's not that I don't have anything to say. It's just that, whatever I say, I don't think you'll believe me. Despite the fact that you're still a FULL five years away from your teens, I see them creeping into your regular everyday eight-year-old existence.

These Grateful Days

Does anyone else feel like it's nearly impossible to raise grateful children (or even be a grateful adult) in America these days?

It would be easy to blame the problem on capitalism and corporate America: we're bombarded with commercials that tell us we "deserve it" and media campaigns that try to convince us that everyone else already has it. The day after Halloween (a full 27 days before Thanksgiving), my kids were enamored by the Christmas decorations at Target...complete with a cardboard Santa being swallowed alive by a massive Wish List. See, it would be easy!

30 Days of Thanksgiving 2014

Day 1 - My First Family

You are the first ones who taught me how to love, how to laugh, how to argue, how to share, how to apologize, how to have to to really live. Thank you so much for being my first loves. I am blessed that God chose me to be your daughter and sister.

Day 2 - My Forever Family


Sometimes, the Steelers wear stupid uniforms, and your Colts lose by a couple dozen points.

Sometimes, life just feels sucky.

I didn't say that it *is* sucky, because life doesn't have to *be* sucky to *feel* sucky. That's the silly thing about emotions.

Sometimes, they take the truth and twist it around.

Lately, my emotions have been twisting me up inside until I was feeling like my beautiful life was sucky.