More Nursery Ideas

Alright, I think I've decided on the bedding.  Now, I just need to order the fabric, find patterns, choose pictures, choose paint colors, and...

Sign up friends to do all the work.  LOL!

I'm only kind of kidding.  If anyone is interested (other than those of you who have already let me know you would like to help), let me know!

I think these are the styles we will replicate for bedding:





I like the look of the straight box-style crib skirt, but I think the fluffy skirt would be easier to sew:





I'm still planning to use the same green swirl fabric for window treatments and pillows.  There are also a few fun, funky fabrics I'd like to incorporate somehow.  I'd also like to make each of the kids a comforter/quilt/blanket.  (I'll use a combination of fabric from my wedding dress and the fabrics we use for their bedding.)