Works for Me Wednesday

There is a very popular blogger who does this thing called "Works for Me" Wednesdays.  People post about a tip or something and leave it on her blog.  I only came across it in passing while on bedrest, but it immediately came back to my mind when I was deciding what to post on Wednesdays.  We're going to do "Works for Me" Wednesdays, as well.  Wednesdays will be a time to share tips and hints with each other regarding health and weightloss. 

In the interest of giving credit where credit is due, I will always include the "Works for Me" Wednesday logo, and it will be linked to the original blogger's blog.  You guys can go check it out or not.  It really has nothing to do with Losers, so I just wanted to explain why a big purple sticker was at the top of this post.  :)

Anyway, my tip is about drinking water.  Many of you probably already know it.  However, here it goes:  If you drink your water with a straw, you can drink it MUCH faster.  I don't know how or why, but it's so true.  If I try to sip 16 oz. of water out of a water bottle it'll take me all day.  However, if I pour 16 oz. of water in a cup with ice and straw, I can have it down in five minutes.  So, there's my tip, and it works for me!  :)  Try drinking your water with a straw.  You might be surprised how much easier it becomes!

Amy C. (one of our Losers) sent me a great tip via e-mail about cooking chicken!  Here's what she says:

"When I know that I have a couple of chicken recipes to make during the week, I just put a whole package of boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the crockpot.  I add just enough water to kind of cover the bottom of the crock, and season it according to what will fit with the recipes (salt, pepper, garlic salt....then either chili powder or cumin for taco-type recipes, or Italian seasoning for pasta-type recipes). 

If you have a recipe for shredded chicken, I have found this is absolutely the easiest way.  It shreds perfectly after about four or five hours in the crockpot....much more easily (to me) than baking it first.  Then you can use however much you need and put the rest in the fridge for another recipe later.  I do this ALL THE TIME. 

What is great is when I don't have anything planned for lunch on Sunday after church.  Sunday school and church is just enough time in the crockpot...I put it in COMPLETELY FROZEN and it is falling apart, ready to shred when we get home from church.  Then I just have to finish the recipe for lunch.  Anyway, just a tip that I love for busy moms (who ISN'T a busy mom?).  I hardly ever do chicken in the oven anymore if it is just getting shredded up to go into a recipe.  This is easy!!!"

Now, share your tips and what works for you!  :)